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The Antarctic is a majestic place, perhaps the last great wilderness on our fragile planet. But it is being put at risk by the industrial fishing industry. Penguins, whales and all the animals in the Antarctic depend on krill to survive. But that hasn’t stopped the krill industry from hoovering up all the krill they can find – and blocking attempts at environmental protection in the Antarctic.


So, we’re calling for a bold move. For world governments to create the planet’s largest protected area and stop all industrial activities within a new Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

Our ship, the Arctic Sunrise is in the Antarctic Ocean on a voyage of discovery to conduct scientific research and document the magnificent Antarctic, both above and below the waves. With your help, we will collect evidence we need to strengthen the case for an Antarctic Sanctuary.

We’ll capture breathtaking footage of glaciers, whales, seals and penguins to show what is at risk and to rally people together all around the world, calling on governments to protect this treasured place.

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